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March 19, 2007
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Anything But Ordinary by swan-swan Anything But Ordinary by swan-swan

This is my vision of Toph before the Gaang came along to take her out...when she was completely alone, with no friends or anyone to really talk to. That had to be a sad part of her life....

I decided to draw this pic while listening to the song of the same name by Avril Lavigne. I listened to several of her songs while working on it...only her gave an interesting drive to this piece, and perhaps a unique taste. The songs really seemed to fit the concept I had in mind....

Also done for :iconshaolinfeilong:, due to his request of a pic with "just Toph and rocks." Also, emphasis on folds. So, I did so....profile view might not have been the desire, but it's what I gave.

The original idea was for Toph to be walking her pet rock, but then the thought came to me that she couldn't show her powers to her parents, but would have to earthbend secretly--and that got me thinking of a lot of Toph angst and emotion. Nighttime, alone, sitting gloomily....I could not let the idea sit. I originally wanted to have her making some rocks orbit around her, but that didn't turn out quite as I envisioned just didn't look right. So, I added in a right hand and put a rock in it.

I reffed it a lot, but....the whole background was done with simple reference, done from no real specific pictures. Shading, likewise.

Toph was drawn by hand. Except for the right hand...that was digital.

EVERYTHING ELSE was done in Paint, including the coloring.

Comment, please! :)

And also, THANK YOU to :iconnyy2: for her advice, most importantly getting me to move the moon to the right place for the reflection (it was originally on the other side of the picture).

Toph belongs to Viacom, Nickelodeon, and Avatar: The Last Airbender.
The title and the song belong to Avril Lavigne.
The pic belongs to me.

This pic was also the first in a series of pics, all with titles from Avril Lavigne.

The other girls in the series so far:

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Very great depiction of Toff. I hate seeing her so sad. You drew her just right! :))
JackieStarSister Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I really like the theme and idea behind this piece. She may have had fans at the Earth Rumbles, but she couldn't risk making friends. (I like exploring this through the fan fiction I write about her.)
wow its pretty kool except the nose looks a little funny lol not to be hurtful, just helpful criticism lol and yes, plz be brutally horrible on mine if you want, kay? lol XD i have only 3 of mine on there so far but i drew Unlce Iroh! ^_^
Oh, I'm fine with that. XD This is an OLD piece.
oh ok take a look at my work lol it sux
I did--keep practicing, and you'll improve! ^_^
thx! ^__^ i haven't drawn in a while but i'm puting up some stuff i drew the past week
Haru-Yurami Sep 12, 2008  Student General Artist
aww this is sad but you did a great job on it I like it!
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